Get Hooked on Geometric Golf

Geometric Golf is a completely new format to challenge your regular ball hitting routine at driving range. While repeated golf shots might help you improve your game, you rarely get instant feedback on your performance – or get to compete with your golf buddies in a fun game format!

For the Players

Target practice

Hit your golf balls to the target and instantly see your score. Who did best?


Show your colour by choosing your favourite set of golf balls and compete against others. Geometric Golf counts the points by recognizing your golf ball colour. Choose yours from variety of choices!

Easy access

Whether you are an active golfer or have never been to a golf club before, Geometric Golf will make you a better golfer. Just grab your club and hit your golf balls towards the target and enhance your aim in seconds – all while having fun!

Perfect for groups

Challenge your best golf buddies or your dearest family members to a golf target match they will never forget!

Golf events like never before

Need some relaxation after a big project at work? Want to show your most important clients how much you love them? Combine Geometric Golf with an all-inclusive dinner or a nice breakfast – and give your stakeholders an unforgettable experience.

Live scoring

Follow the scores from Geometric Golf Arena’s big screen TV’s while taking a break and enjoying your favourite refreshments.

For the Clubs

Brand new business model

Organize completely new kind of events for companies, students, beginners or anyone you wish!

Easily acquire new players

Getting people to visit your club has never been this easy. You don’t need any previous golfing skills to play Geometric Golf.

More value – more income: Combine with a round of golf

All square after 18 holes? Finalize your match with Geometric Golf! Or need some extra attention to your practice prior to your round? Head to Geometric Golf Arena just 30 minutes before your tee-off time and amaze your buddies with your newly acquired accuracy!

More income after dark or when the course is frozen

All you need for your night-time golfing fun is a set of lights and a driving range mat to set up a game of Geometric Golf – anytime, anywhere.

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